Gainfield Farm offers a tranquil environment with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.


"I really hope you, Jack and the horses are all well? I still think back most fondly about our time in Gainfield; it is such a lovely and peaceful yard.. It was the most enjoyable time I had with both horses," C.B  20.7.17



Ideal for people who are dedicated to their horses but also enjoy training and developing themselves further.


"Gainfield is second to none - absolutely gorgeous place with top class facilities and of course you Jack and Lydia who make it really special. You've created an atmosphere of friendship and support and I have never experienced that before." C.D- 10.7.17


Our varied facilities offer all year round training with care available.


Sally Timberlake;
I have never been so happy - obviously the love of the horse makes it but the huge relief and trust I have in Lydia Jupe and Debbie Beasant cannot be under stated. To have such total reliance on the people looking after the day to day needs of my horse and the utter commitment they give to the training of a green horse and rider is everything to me. I need to know that this beloved creature has their care and I know he does - just pure contentment and peace of mind - he and I would be nowhere without such lovely people. I cannot recommend Gainfield highly enough!! Amazing livery and training.




For many years we have been finding ponies and horses for our clients. By being involved from the beginning we can help stage manage those early days giving guidance where necessary.This creates a damage 

limitation situation and enables the new partnership the chance to thrive. We have many examples on the yard. Some have been with us for more than a decade and still enjoying the journey!



Gainfield Training & Livery. 
A wonderful establishment, with outstanding facilities, superb training, lovely atmosphere, with great people. A big big Thank-you to Jack and Debbie Beasant for helping 'An Old Bird to achieve her dreams. L.N  8-2-17


Riders can also attend the weekly Rider Fitness Classes run by Richard Marfellhttp://richardmarfellwellness coach 



Regular Shows are held on site offering a chance to compete for those who enjoy benchmarking their progress.

" As a club we are very lucky to have the opportunity to use the incredible facilities at Gainfield where Jack and Debbie Beasant cannot do enough to make us welcome - so many thanks to them for all their hard work to support us."    IDG .23.7.2017



Private , Shared , Group and pole work lessons take place regularly.


Regular training is essential for progress to be made. For some the chance to join a group helps keep training affordable whilst also socialising their horse and giving  the rider an opportunity to watch other horse/rider combinations.

               The groups are very popular with both horses and riders!


                                     Then there are those that are just cute!











 CONTACT Debbie or Jack Beasant. Tel 07887 808630
 email : db_riding